Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Day 2

Second Day-        What did you do today?    We got back our samples for interpretation and observation. We got to classify bacteria into different types using the gram staining method. After that, we learnt how to use a light microscope and got to look at specimens under a light microscope. After the hands-on activity, we had a lunch break, before we had to prepare our presentation slides for presentation. We had to compile everything we had learnt in these two days and our test results into 7 minutes of presentation.
-        What did you learn today?    We learnt how to identify different types of bacteria by gram staining, and also learnt how to use a light microscope properly and efficiently. We actually had very little time to do the presentations, so time management played a major part here.
-        How do you feel about today’s activities?   I feel that the professor, the lab assistants and the rest of the staff did a really good job accommodating us so that we can learn well. I think that Biotechnology is the way for me after attending this amazing course, as I felt engaged during the session.
-        What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?

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